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Allergen Removal
Allergen Removal
Allergen Removal

Allergen Removal

In recent years there have been studies in Europe and in the USA. One study shows 20-30% of Animal Technicians experienced allergic symptoms, with 82% of those experiencing Allergic Rhinitus sensitization to animal allergens, (contained in urinary proteins, dander, hair and fluids). 33% of these went on to develop Asthma and 46% reported skin allergies. These numbers have increased in the last 20 years as more and more people become sensitised. VOCs are used more and more in laboratories creating additional health risks to laboratory technicians and researchers, particularly formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, ethanol and phenol with EU safety levels being further reduced.

Allergic symptoms such as; frequent nasal and throat irritation, constant allergies, sinusitis, red and itchy eyes or fatigue at the end of the day are a consequence of the constant and daily breathing of pollutants and allergens in suspension. The very nature of the work, the proximity to the animals, the procedures and the use of chemical substances that emit high levels of VOCs, considerably increases the risk of continuous inhalation. At low levels, most VOCs produce unpleasant odours and are highly irritating to mucous membranes and respiratory tracts. At higher levels, VOCs are toxic and potentially carcinogenic. There are also huge potentials for airborne pathogens such as: moulds, fungal spores, bacteria and viruses in any indoor environment where there are a lot of people working and animals being transferred

Optimizing the indoor air quality substantially reduces the incidence of respiratory infections and cross-contamination within a proper research frame work, it decreases the need for animal use and, consequently, leads to better science.

Biokker totally oxidises any compound or organic particle, living or inert, that is dissolved in the air. It is not a filter or ozone generator, it is a passive 24/7 state of the art air disinfection system that creates no by products, just clean fresh air!

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Biokker is a system for the elimination of environmental pathogens, suitable for the treatment of indoor air and used to eliminate all organic compounds and particles, living or inert, dissolved in the air of any area within a building.

The technology used by Biokker is based on an advanced process of oxidative photo catalysis included in the so-called AOTs (Advanced Oxidation Technologies) with the capacity to eliminate contaminants in the gas phase through the use of UV energy. All oxidative activity takes place in the sealed reactor inside the device.

UV Bulbs 8W Low pressure germicidal lamp exclusive for Biokker devices use, dimensions:

Biokker 8: 46x50x12,7cm
Biokker 20: 64x50x12,7cm
Biokker 40: 93x50x12,7cm