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News date: august 20, 2019

Ear punches for Genotyping and Identification

The Mojo CLIPTM is our most popular ear punch:

  • Premium Onyx ‘easy-clip’ punch 7cm, 2mm hole, with Eppendorf holder
  • Makes sample taking, Biopsy and DNA simple and fail-safe
  • The ‘Easy-Clip’ thumb punch mechanism has been incorporated into the design of the MojoClip™ to allow for easier use and prevention of RSI’s (Repetitive Strain Injuries).
  • The MojoClip™ can be used as a method of animal identification or for the collection of DNA samples with Eppendorf Caps.
  • Low-Cost Automated Production, All stainless steel, non-corrosive

We also carry a wide range of other ear punches.

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