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Mice bunker
Mice bunker
Mice bunker

Mice bunker

Our Mice Bunker 1 is made of polycarbonate in transparent red. Mice can use this item as a playground but they would also experience it as a place where they can find shelter. The feeling of security is reducing stress and aggression and will have a positive effect on breeding. The Mice Bunker 1 is certified safe for laboratory mice.

Features and Benefits
• The red colour will reduce the perception of light of mice and will increase the sense of security
• Caretakers can easily study the mice in the Mice Bunker
• Give the mice an opportunity to avoid direct light
• Do not have any negative impact on research
• Made of non-toxic polycarbonate
• Fits in most standard cages
• Can easily be washed and autoclaved, also in our special designed stainless steel baskets
• Easy stackable in storage

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