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Lab Animal Diet Standard

Opend represents SAFE® Complete Care Competence in Scandinavia. To ensure fast and reliable deliveries, SAFE® has established local offices and warehouse facilities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

For many years, SAFE® has dedicated themselves to provide safe and high-quality diet solutions for research.

SAFE® Production complies with the highest scientific standards in diets production:

  • production plant exclusively dedicated to the production of diets for scientific animals
  • no cross-contaminations with other diets (farm animals, zoo animals or pets); controls of diets and veterinary safety
  • production takes place in a completely closed process, according to the strict criteria of the DIN EN ISO 9001 and HACCP standards and following the GMP and GLP guidelines
  • consistent and selected cereals of baby food quality from controlled origin
  • diets free of undesired substances for biomedical research applications (drugs, coloring agents, preservatives, flavors)
  • formulation and production of special and purified diets
  • scientific and analytical support for international research centers
  • Homogeneous irradiation process: box by box irradiation

Constant diet formula and mastered processes guarantee long-time comparability of studies.

Wide product range:

  • premium scientific diets for rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs, mini pigs, poultry, dogs, primates, zebrafish, cats and other animals
  • breeding, maintenance, universal, longterm
  • vegetal diets (free from animal proteins), animal protein diets, low phytoestrogen, increased nutritional levels

For all diets available:

  • different pellet sizes
  • powdered form
  • wide range of packaging
  • irradiation
  • certified diets