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We carry a wide range of equipment:

Steam Sterilizers
FOUNDED IN 1947, Cisa Production was one of the first companies to develop sterilization autoclaves for the healthcare…
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– Ideal as a barrier and access control between animal and non-animal areas. Showering in high-speed…
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Feed Me
The Slowest Feeder In The World! Works Without Frustrating Your Pet. FeedMe is a revolutionary device…
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Enrichment Lofts
Allentown is proud to announce its latest innovation in animal enrichment – the Enrichment Loft!…
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Handling Tubes
High Quality Polycarbonate, durable, autoclavable Dimensions: Tube length: 130 mm Tube diameter: 50 mm Wall…
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Mice bunker
Mice bunker
Our Mice Bunker 1 is made of polycarbonate in transparent red. Mice can use this…
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Red Fun Tunnels
Economical Rat and Mouse Enrichment Code ASMFTR-PC Description: Red Fun Tunnel for Mice  Dimensions (mm):…
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Complete of range of anesthesia equipment including vaporizers, flowmeters, heating plates, face mask, induction box,…
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Contamination control
Contamination control
Please find further information on our contamination control below: Airshower Dry heat sterilizers H2O2 Circulation…
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Diet / Bedding Trolley
80 ltr Polyethylene (HDPE) approved for food contact Dimensions 750 x 490 x H 310mm…
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Ear Punches
For unique identification or genotyping we offer a range of ear punches.  
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Please find below further information on our enrichment equipment: Reusable enrichment For information on consumable…
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Please find below further information on our housing equipment: Conventional housing Disposable IVC Systems Reuseable…
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A wide range of jackets, swivels and pumps from UNO. Specialized in custom made jackets.…
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Isolators and accessories
Isolators are essential for protecting your animal’s health and welfare and ensuring that your research…
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LAF & Workstations
Please find below further information on our wide range of workstations: Laminar Air Flow Cabins…
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Loggers and meters
Please find below further information on our loggers and meters equipment: Caliper Balance
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Post Operative Care
Please find below further information on our enrichment equipment: Warming cabinet Small heating pads
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Washing Machines
A wide range of washing machines from Allentown including cabinet washers, rack washers, tunnel washers,…
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H2O2 Circulation blower
For efficient decontamination of hard-to-reach areas Ideal for thorough and efficient decontamination of: • IVC air…
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