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Gel Solutions

Opend represents SAFE® Complete Care Competence in Scandinavia. To ensure fast and reliable deliveries, SAFE® has established local offices and warehouse facilities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Water is an essential nutrient. For the health and well-being of the animal, just as for the good conduct of the trials, water is an essential nutrient. It can be distributed in either liquid or gel form. SAFE®gel diets offer a variety of gel diet solutions including:

  • Ready to use water gels: water, breeding, energy or transport; others available on demand
  • InnovationSAFE®hydro: instant fiber compound for DIY (Do It Yourself) production of water gel. Produce your own water gel anywhere in a do-it-yourself and just-in-time fashion to suit your individual requirements!

Water gel

  • safe method for hydration
  • moistened food – individual mix of diets and water in a gel
  • application of drugs – individual dosing of drugs in gel