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Opend represents SAFE® Complete Care Competence in Scandinavia. To ensure fast and reliable deliveries, SAFE® has established local offices and warehouse facilities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Environmental enrichment stimulates the animal’s interaction with its environment for a better welfare and an optimized behavior. Besides natural and clean bedding, the wide range of natural enrichment material is the perfect supplement. SAFE® Enrichment guarantees highest quality and product safety.

  • enrichment products made of 100 % natural raw material
  • promotes activity and natural exercise
  • stimulates the natural instincts of nesting, gnawing, chewing, exploring and playing
  • reduces abnormal, aggressive or apathetic behavior
  • supports thermoregulation

SAFE®offers a wide range of enrichment and nesting products based on wood, cellulose, paper cotton and hay:

  • Wide range of loose nesting and enrichment materials
  • SAFE®compact: enrichment material, packed in portions; for easy and uniform distribution; one per cage
  • SAFE® smart: mini bag filled with bedding; for easy and uniform distribution; one per cage
  • SAFE® blocks:Gnawing blocks of different sizes
  • Innovation SAFE® performanceplus:2in1 acitivity bedding; cellulose bedding plus enrichment


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