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Dry heat sterilizers

Gruenberg offers a wide range of Steri-Dry™ sterilizers specially designed for the laboratory animal industry. A Gruenberg Steri-Dry™ sterilizer provides the same effectiveness as a conventional steam sterilizer / Autoclave.

Gruenberg’s Steri-Dry™ sterilizers only need electric power and exhaust –  no pit, no water, no drain, no steam, and no condensate return are required.  Gruenberg’s Steri-Dry™ sterilizers are designed and built-in modules for your facility and assembled on site.  A cost-efficient solution compared to steam sterilizers – lower maintenance costs, lower installation costs, lower operation costs, and available in a range of sizes.

The key benefits include:

  • Less complex technology results in considerably fewer maintenance requirements
  • Lower initial project costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower infrastructure costs. Just an electrical supply and exhaust duct are required.
  • No pit, no steam, no condensate return, and no water requirements
  • Panelized or modular build construction for ease of installation.


For further information contact Tine Jensen,, or visit Thermal Product Solutions