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Mobile warming cabinet

Mobile warming cabinet

The warming cabinet is designed for temporary housing of rodents e.g. for post-operative care, etc.

Mobile cabinet w/4 wheels, 2/w brakes. Equipped with 4 – 5 removable shelves.

Lightweight aluminium frame with white insulating plastic panels. Doors in 12 mm transparent PVC.

Capacity with 5 shelves: 2 types II-L or 2 types III cages per shelf and with 4 shelves: 1 type IV cage per shelf.

The fan in the top to ensure adequate ventilation. The fan is a low noise model which is mounted on vibration absorbent material. The fan is located at the top of the cabinet and it is blowing heated air down the cabinet side channels ensuring an equal distribution in the entire cabinet. 

The temperature can be adjusted from room temperature and up 40 degrees with an accuracy of +/- 0,5 grad. The temperature can be set at a constant temperature for a set period of time.

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