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News date: januar 16, 2020

H2O2 Disinfection

Efficient, Easy, Safe and Green Disinfection Method
The Phileas Micro Droplet Technology is an efficient, easy, safe and green way to disinfect rooms and equipment. The Phileas units are validated for use with the chemical O2Safe7.4 which is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 7.4% only.

The technology is designed around a spinning disk which centrifuges O2Safe7.4 into microscopic droplets which transforms into a very fine vapour – also known as dry fogging.

  • EFFICIENT – Validated according to NFT Standard 72281 version 2014 regarding log reduction of bacteria, moulds, yeasts, bacterial spores and viruses
  • EASY – User-friendly. Controlled via intuitive touch screen or tablet
  • SAFE – 7,4% H202 based solution non-toxic and non-corrosive (Compliant with European regulation EU 528/2012 on H2O2 concentration <8%)
  • GREEN – O2Safe7.4 transforms automatically into water and oxygen after cycle completion – no additives and no residues

The Phileas airborne surface disinfection units come in different sizes:

Phileas Genius – 0.2m3 and 5m3
With its small size, adjustable head and height-adjustable foot, Phileas® Genius® is ideal for the disinfection of equipment such as isolators, freeze dryers, biosafety cabinets, transfer hatches, double-door locks, etc

Phileas 25 – 1m3 and 40m3
Ideal for disinfection of small rooms. Lightweight 5 kg. Easy to transport.

Phileas 75 – volumes from 10m3 up to 180m3
Ideal for treatment of medium-sized rooms. Sturdy and mobile.

Phileas 250 – volumes from 50m3 to 800m3
Ideal for treatment of large rooms. Two spinning disc heads.

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