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News date: juni 8, 2020

Contamination Control – The Biokker removes pathogens and VOCs 24/7

Ideal in corridors, changing rooms, coffee rooms – transition areas between clean and unclean or areas there it is not possible to remove the pollutant at the source

The Biokker oxidises any compound or organic particle, living or inert, present in the air including viruses, bacteria and allergens. It is not a filter or an ozone generator, it is a passive 24/7 air disinfection system that creates no by-products, just clean fresh air.

The technology was originally developed by NASA. Now, this technology is used in many different industries for continuous cleaning of the air. The Biokker comes in 3 sizes, plug (230V) and play, for wall mounting.

For further information on this Technology please click here or watch this short video